Free: The Adventure of the Spectred Bat (A New Sherlock Holmes Mystery)

A LOVELY YOUNG WOMAN HAS BEEN BITTEN BY A VAMPIRE BAT AND DIES. HER SISTER MAY BE THE NEXT VICTIM. While walking home under a full moon, a beautiful young woman, just weeks away from giving birth, is attacked by a bat and bitten on her breast and neck. A few minutes later she dies in the arms of her beloved – and equally pregnant – twin sister. At the next full moon the sister is similarly attacked but escapes and flees to Baker Street in the middle of the night desperate for Sherlock Holme... [Read More...]

Darkwater Secrets

A murder investigation uncovers sordid secrets and haunting mistakes The Darkwater Inn stands tall and proud in the French Quarter, the hub of New Orleans. Bourbon Street is bustling, and general manager Adelaide Fountaine has her hands full with a hotel at capacity. But she is shocked when a body is found: a hotel guest stabbed with a kitchen knife. Detective Beau Savoie, Adelaide’s childhood friend, is on the case. As Beau digs into the victim’s past, he unearths a shocking connec... [Read More...]

The Murder of Sara Barton

Modern-day Atlanta. The city is dirty, and Sara Barton’s blood soaks her kitchen floor. Prosecutor Chance Meridian must clean up the mess. Haunted by personal tragedy, Chance’s entire life is a manic quest to deliver justice for the dead. Except nothing comes easy in Atlanta. Murder is an ugly business. But so is love. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Chloe Daniels Mystery Series

Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? The question really should be, who’s afraid of Anna Black! If you’re a fan of Monster, then you’ll be a fan of Anna’s! Hush little baby, don’t say a word… For years, Anna Black was the only child and the apple of her parents’ eyes. When baby sister, Angel, comes along, Anna’s life is quickly turned upside down. Anna will stop at nothing to win back her parents’ affection. When her tactics lose their effi... [Read More...]

The Poseidon Files

Are people who they seem? Who can you trust in a world of shadows? This is a story about conspiracies: A top-secret military plot that threatens humanity and another plot to leak the secret to the world. But it all backfires and two women find themselves in the center of intrigue and menace. The Streets of Liverpool and the picturesque village of Llanberis in Snowdonia, as well as the mountain itself, also play an atmospheric part in a tale of murder and deceit where the supernatural also plays... [Read More...]