Close Your Eyes Baby

Close your eyes Baby

Are you living with painful memories so much that your current life feels small and cluttered? You aimlessly walk around looking for answers and clarity, but nothing comes to mind. Your emotional weight holds you down and it is front and center. It directs every thought and movement throughout your day. You’re conflicted with letting it go or holding on.

The fear of letting it go scares you to death and if you do let it go, are you convincing yourself it didn’t happen? You can’t change the reality of what happened. It did. All you can do is shift your mindset. Look for the positive. How has this circumstance added to your life? What did it take away? Did you learn from it? Did you apply it in a positive way to enhance your life now? This is hard to do. Some experiences are so traumatic that it seems next to impossible to do, but you can. This book lays out trials and tribulations, not just of my life but also the trials that many of us face regularly.

My nursing background has given me an insight into the psychological issues of human interactions and how we can approach healing and inner conflicts. We have derived a huge part of our personalities through past circumstances and whether it be family dynamics, limited visions, and work relations, we need to find a productive way to cope with them. This is what I try to emphasize in this book. Practical solutions that I use (even to this day), to address them. I hope that you will find this insightful and useful to help you overcome and learn to live with life’s curveballs. $2.99 on Kindle.
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