Jeniffer 5

Jeniffer 5

Ninety-one-year-old Jennifer was in her death bed. Her family was close by, they held her hand and kept her company as her heart was giving out. She lived a good life and was not afraid. Until the door of her hospital room burst open with three people ready to take her away. Back to where she came from, the Realms of Kontalfar.

Giving her a magical sword, which brought her back to life and changed her body young again, the three warriors transported her through a portal to a magical land. Unfortunately, Jennifer had no recollection of this place. Or the power everyone kept telling she possessed. Because the was Jennifer5, the five female warrior who wielded the sword of power named, Lifebringer.

Desperately trying to navigate who she was, and who everyone wants her to be, she makes an effort to live up to her past. While making she doesn’t die in the process. Of course, this is only if she can figure out why she wanted to marry a missing Prince, while falling in love with someone else.As Jennifer walks into certain death, propelled forward by the hopes to regain her memories, she finds out the secrete she left to protect. Transforming back into Jennifer5, will mean placing the entire Realms back into war with Bazzik, the evil she was supposed to have killed. Before leaving the Realms behind to fend for themselves.Jennifer5 is a epic fantasy that will leave you wanting more! $0.99 on Kindle.
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