Free: Motives

The first story is an Erotic Lesbian encounter between Mei Ling and Aqua Blue. It takes place at Aqua Blue’s two-bedroom condo in Mission Hills, California. She picks Mei Ling and a bottle of Wild Turkey Bourbon up at her local Liquor Store one Friday night after work. It turned out to be one of the most expensive bottles of Wild Turkey Bourbon Aqua Blue ever bought. The second Erotic Romance also takes place at Aqua Blue’s two-bedroom Condo. It starts out with Aqua Blue driving hom... [Read More...]

Lie For Me

Maybe I can borrow this beautiful single mom for one night to get what I need. Get your mind out of the gutter. My benefactor is up for donating a large sum of money to my retreat center and he needs a little persuading. Perhaps a ready-made family is just what the doctor ordered. Except I’m falling for this woman and her girls. My single life is falling apart as I try hard to avoid love and fail. I’ve been running my own private wilderness retreat and I love it. Just me, nature, and solace... [Read More...]

Free: Nightmare

All small towns have their share of secrets–some innocent and harmless, some evil and terrible, and many in between. But in Oneka Falls, the deepest, darkest secrets are reserved for children and madmen. The first of a seven novel horror series that has been described as “the love child of Stephen King’s IT and Stranger Things.” ... [Read More...]

How to Take Care of Your Car

Many car owners do not really know how the different systems in their cars work. Mechanic shops all around the globe get blindfolded customers that are having an issue with their car and they don’t understand at all what it can be. Those blindfolded customers are potential victims for being taken advantage of and furthermore the issue might not be solved. Most mechanic shops won’t steal saying that they did something they didn’t, more likely they will do something that your ca... [Read More...]

Love and Money, 2020

Love and Money, 2020 utilizes the date of your birth to determine which days are your personal best days best for romance, money, travel, business, and fun. What are your Luckiest Days of 2020? What are your Unluckiest Days of 2020? What day should you have your wedding? Or plan for a sexy date? What dates are the best days to meet someone new? What dates are best for romance in 2020? What day should you play the Lottery or gamble in some other fashion? Which days are the Luckiest Day of the en... [Read More...]

Moontar Menace

Handed the poison chalice, she must solve a mystery and win a war. As prophesied by the Woodelven Oracle, the Empire of Mu is invaded by seven-foot knights that attack and vanish without a trace. Seizing the moment, the empress turns her coronation into a War Council. What she didn’t expect was the materialization of a magic key; one bequeathed to her in utmost secrecy by the late Emperor Constantine after his murder. When it turns up magically on her coronation day, the empress couldn’t di... [Read More...]

False Fathers (Waxwood Series: Book 1)

Sometimes no father is better than a false father. In 1898 California, Jake Alderdice comes of age as a shy and contemplative youth who is passionate about art. On vacation in Waxwood, now a fashionable resort town, he meets Harland Stevens, who takes an interest in the young man’s artistic ambitions. Stevens seizes upon the fatherless young man to counsel him toward a path to manhood inspired by Teddy Roosevelt and Thoreau. He introduces Jake to The Order of Actaeon, a secret society bui... [Read More...]

Free: A Mermaid’s Promise (The Legend of Pineapple Cove, Book 2)

A secret mermaid world is only the beginning…Things in Pineapple Cove have just returned to normal, when a giant jelly blob monster attacks. The green fiend kidnaps Kai’s mom and sister, and disappears beneath the waves. With a mysterious note as their only clue, Kai and Delphi must journey to the underwater world of the mermaids and rescue Kai’s family, before time runs out. ... [Read More...]


Underneath Greg Rodwell’s comical exterior is a broken soul struggling to hide the torment of loving his best friend, a married woman. Hiding his tormented truth from the broken world that only he knows, Greg fights to win the love he lost. Vows be damned. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]