A Broken Reality

On a fateful night in the dead of winter, an unimaginable tragedy changes the lives of two families forever… Ten-year-old, Danny Madsen, has been missing for four days when Jesse Carlton begins his own search for his godson on a frigid, snowy night. Driving along a deserted rural road, Jesse hits a stretch of black ice at the same time Danny appears from the thicket. Unable to control the car, Jesse slams into the boy and watches helplessly as Danny’s body flies back into the dark brush... [Read More...]

Death Before Time

Dr. Fraser Callan is recovering from his wife’s death. In need of a change, he takes a job at the Wansborough Community Hospital in Wiltshire. Previously known as St. James’, the hospital has made a miraculous recovery from a scandalous history, when it was described as “Death Wards” for the elderly by the national press. But history sometimes comes back to haunt us… At first, the hospital seems a model of excellence, but then Fraser realizes that more patients are dying of pneumonia ... [Read More...]

Free: I Can See You

British detective, Jonathan Roper has been marked for death by a psychotic criminal genius jealous of his status as the new star at Scotland Yard. Young, gifted and autistic, Roper will need every ounce of his special skills to survive. That and the unflinching backing of his partner veteran copper, Brian Hooley, in this thrilling outing for a unique pair of crime fighters. ... [Read More...]

The Peacetaker Boxset

Myth…or more? Either way, the adventure spells danger for everyone involved. It’s hard to pin down the source of inexplicable riots sweeping across the country, that erupt in the most innocuous places…for no apparent reason at all. It’s murderous madness at its worst but the cause is not viral. It’s not ecological, nor ideological and not even political. But there is a real possibility that it’s mythological though no one in his right mind would dare as much as to whisper it. St... [Read More...]

The Adventures of Joseph Martin

Joseph Martin is the ultimate anti-hero wrapped in a thief’s body with a big heart to match. Joseph Martin is a mischievous, brilliant, and charming guy who steals not only for his own gain, but for the subsequent good of others. The stories in this book are a compilation of situations in which he demonstrates his ability to disguise himself, pull off impressive thefts, cleverly elude the police, solve riddles, and steal whatever catches his attention. Sequential in nature, the stories can be... [Read More...]