Free: Next Exit, Three Miles

Two years ago, Alina Maschik missed her shot at one of the world’s most wanted terrorists. Now he’s back. Her objective is simple: complete her mission. But when the target leads her back to her hometown in New Jersey, the situation is anything but simple. Now, Alina must face her past as she races against an invisible clock. ... [Read More...]

Out Of Time, The Dream Traveler (Book One)

Out Of Time, is the first in a series of Novels from author Ernesto H Lee, and is the first part of a two-part story that introduces the reader to Detective Sean McMillan. McMillan has a unique ability to travel back in time through the medium of his dreams, so when he is assigned to a cold case team, finding evidence and solving crimes should be a foregone conclusion. However, Sean soon discovers that changes to the past to influence the future can have unexpected and deadly consequences. The ... [Read More...]

Small Town Murder

Kat only wanted to be part of the convention on how to write successful books, not solve a murder that took place there – the murder of a beloved “tell-all” author. Was that the motive? Greed, revenge, and hatred are also reasons to murder, at least to people who live on the slippery edge of sanity. Parsons who gamble, women who blackmail, and a number of people with outsized egos make for most interesting characters. And yet, even with the worst of human nature, miracles can happen. If y... [Read More...]

Free: Death From Above

P.I. Billie Bly stumbles upon a plot by a female Chinese assassin to kill a presidential candidate using drones. The assassin tests out her modern approach to killing on another target first, and then plots to remove Billie and her new boyfriend. How can Billie find the killer after her boyfriend is arrested for murder and her quirky assistant is jailed for leading the F.B.I astray on her orders? Meanwhile, the assassin is steps away from raining explosives down on 50,000 people at a presidenti... [Read More...]

Deadly Flip, A Home Renovator Mystery

Flipping houses can be deadly! Katelyn takes on a home renovation in Hiptown, Minnesota, that “has history . . . a murder” at BFF Myra’s urging. What was she thinking? Besides the young woman being killed by the home’s prior owner, she learns the girl didn’t get the justice she deserved. Because of a double jeopardy ruling, the killer got away with murder! Katelyn finds a hidden diary, foils an intruder, and discovers more secrets while delays and expenses escalate as she renovates th... [Read More...]

Severed Souls (Case No. 2: The Frontenac Sisters – Supernatural Sleuths & Monster Hunters)

When friends become strangers, anyone can be a killer. During a catastrophic ice storm, twelve people take shelter in one house. And when two of them are apparently killed, the Frontenac Sisters must make sense of the impossible. Gunshots, but no blood. Bullet holes in the ice, but no bodies. And a strange man who seems to have all the answers. ... [Read More...]