The Summer Nanny: An Emerald City Thriller Novella

It was the perfect summer job—until it turned into her worst nightmare. Bridgett is enjoying an idyllic summer as the nanny for Leo, the son of Paul and Emily Cooper—a famous actor and renowned charity founder. Not only is she generously compensated to care for Leo at the couple’s Seattle waterfront estate, she develops a special bond with the little boy. In addition to the financial perks of the job, Bridgett has fallen into a summer love affair with Chris, a landscaper who works at the ... [Read More...]

The Moon in Deep Winter

Parker Sloane has given up his job smuggling cash for a drug cartel and returned to his childhood home in the woods of New England. There he finds his family just as paranoid and unpredictable as the underworld types he just escaped. Now Parker has to manage family dysfunction and he’s unaware that each has their own plans for escape or vengeance. ... [Read More...]

Gate 76

Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2018. “One of the year’s best thrillers.” — A mysterious woman fleeing an unknown terror boards the wrong plane at San Francisco International and disappears into the heart of the country. Freddy Ferguson, a troubled detective with a violent past, believes she’s the last living witness to a crime that has captivated the nation. Sifting through the wreckage of her past, he begins to understand who she&#... [Read More...]

Knee Deep

A DEADLY MISSION, A SADISTIC CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION-AN UNEXPECTED OUTCOME Ever since his wife disappeared, Cam’s been searching for the truth. But he may be about to uncover more than he bargained for… Ex-attorney Cam Derringer has been working as a P. I. In Key West, FI, taking on cases to make ends meet. Five years ago, she went boating with friends. Five years ago, Cam unwittingly said ‘goodbye’ to her for the last time. But when his investigations uncover a disturbing connection to a... [Read More...]

Free: The New America

In 2045 after WWIII, America experiences widespread death and destruction. Almost half the country flees to a safe zone between the Mississippi River and the Appalachian Mountains. The government establishes a new Capital in Nashville, Tennessee. This is “The New America.” At the time, the country was governed by four powerful men known as the “Presidential Caucus.” James Martin, who sat on the Caucus, was a closet totalitarian who anointed himself as America’s Dictator. To get h... [Read More...]

Deadly Flip: A Home Renovator Mystery

Flipping houses can be deadly! Katelyn takes on a home renovation in Hiptown, Minnesota, that “has history…a murder” at BFF Myra’s urging. What was she thinking? Besides the young woman being killed by the home’s prior owner, the girl didn’t get the justice she deserved. The killer got away with murder! Could the victim’s restless spirit be haunting the house, making it the rehab from hell? To top it off, Eddy is acting just plain weird, and hunky Sheriff Don Williams is a puz... [Read More...]