One Night With Finnbar

It’s no surprise Edmond Mattox demanded revenge for his loss of face; but how could Martin have known the price would be Finnbar’s innocence? Martin must choose. Is he the man who acts when evil threatens the powerless, or is he just another aristocratic prat who puts himself first? One Night With Finnbar is a tale of blackmail, betrayal, and murder in 1767 London. (adult content) $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Nicky’s Fire

Nicky and his father were never close. Nicky was afraid to ask his dad for anything. For career day at Nicky’s school, he has to write a report on what his parents did for a living. With much coaxing from his mother, Nicky went to work with his father for one day. Nicky’s father, Steve, was a New York City firefighter and Nicky witnessed the inner workings of the firehouse. This was his lucky day because Ladder 52 was ordered to The Rock for training and Nicky went with them. Nicky saw how ... [Read More...]

Free: Broken: Macy’s Story

Macy’s in a mess. Tired of being the pastor’s daughter who never measures up, now she’s in trouble with the law, too. Assigned to do community service, she agrees to work as a housekeeper at her grandparents’ motel. Broken and defeated, Macy is just counting down the days to complete her service hours until she gets to know some of the others at the motel — people a lot like her. People with questionable pasts and bleak futures. With help from her new friends, Macy begins to repair... [Read More...]

Jane Digby’s Diary: To Begin, Begin

Here is your chance to read someone else’s diary – with her permission, of course. Jane Digby was a woman ahead of her time. Born in 1807 to wealth and privilege in Dorset, England, she sacrificed respectability to travel the world in pursuit of true love, all the while sampling contenders along the way! Any reader of her diary (and yes, it is written as an actual diary) should love history and language and have an appreciation of independent women who chart their own paths. This vo... [Read More...]

Free: Written: A Story of Love, Secrets, Betrayal and Honour

What if your entire existence was based on someone else’s story, someone else’s dreams, someone else’s expectations ….someone else’s lies? Writer’s Digest Awards 2020 Finalist in Mainstream Literary Fiction Written is the heart-wrenching story of a young girl’s struggle for freedom, and the uncovering of an intricate plan laced around forty years of secrets, betrayal and lies, in a family desperate to preserve their culture and honour. Free on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Free: Illyria: Chronicles of the Second Empire Books: 1 & 2

The First Interstellar Empire of Mankind has been gone for 2000 years, but its legacy remains, scattered across the stars. On some worlds, civilization has collapsed. On others, mankind has thrived. On still others, humanity has died out, or mutated into forms that their ancestors would never recognize as human. Illyria was intended by the Empire to be an incubator for the best soldiers in the galaxy, genetically engineered to be strong, fast, smart and aggressive. Thousands of years later, the ... [Read More...]