Free: Fatal Encounter

When Crystal Reed met Mark Hunter through a casual encounter she though she met the perfect man. Instead she finds herself entangled in a web of obsessive love and dark secrets, a world that has become tainted by deception and treachery. It is a dangerous game of twisted love and betrayal. Faced with the shadows of his past and a burning desire for her own freedom, Crystal tests whether she has the strength to unravel the danger and reclaim her life. What she discovers chills her to the bone. T... [Read More...]

Blood is Pretty: The First Fixxer Adventure

What those in the know in Hollywood really know is that if they need a dark deed done, if they need a sticky personal or professional problem “fixed,” they can call upon the mysterious and dangerous Fixxer. With wit and aplomb, he works the fruitful fields of Hollywood, fixing the sins and correcting the stupidities of the denizens therein. In Blood is Pretty, he comes to the rescue of “the most beautiful woman I have ever seen” to extricate her from the grip of the soul-sucking... [Read More...]

Free: The Granite Key (Arkana Archaeology Mystery Thriller Series Book 1)

Award-Nominated Series Finale. Best Mystery of the Month (L.A.S. Reviews, February 2017) For Fans of Archaeology Adventure, Alternative History Thrillers, and Treasure Hunt Mysteries THE ARKANA SERIES College freshman Cassie Forsythe wakes from a disturbing nightmare after seeing her sister being murdered by a man in a cowboy hat who demands something called the key. Her dream morphs into frightening reality when her sister is found dead, exactly as her vision foretold. Cassie’s life take... [Read More...]

Face Value

Kara Wright and Tien Tran are veteran of an elite sub-unit of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment. Both served in multiple conflict areas and both were lucky to make it home. Now, based in a run-down office in Kentish Town they try to keep their heads above water as private investigators. When two grown-up children claim their elderly parents have been kidnapped, Kara and Tien are sceptical, but they need the money and anyway, Kara needs something to keep her mind of the man she murdered. $0.99... [Read More...]

Chained By Conviction

The community is outraged when Robert Hall, a philanthropist and devoted family man, is murdered by Kobe, a stranger. Among the chaos, Elle, Kobe’s fiancée, is certain of two things: Kobe loves her, and he did not kill Robert. But as the weight of circumstantial evidence swallows Kobe whole, Elle vows to exonerate him at any cost. Yet, in a world that doubts his innocence, who will dare to believe? An online sleuth, claiming to be a former co-worker, steps forward with a burning disdain ... [Read More...]

Birds of a Feather: A Cold War Book 3

Birds of a Feather, the third installment of the Cold War Trilogy, follows the journey of William and Mina as they attempt a fresh start in life and raise a family in an ever-changing America, following their escape from Russia. As Mina and William successfully start creating a new life for themselves, a request from President Kennedy and a letter from someone they thought was long gone rattle any semblances of peace and stability they thought were within their grasp. The two find themselves ta... [Read More...]

Free: The Shadow on Wall Street

Tyson Edwards, a brash SEC enforcement attorney, opens an insider trading investigation into Vandimar Crowley, the eccentric head of Goldman Peters, Wall Street’s most powerful investment banking firm. Crowley has been making people millionaires overnight in exchange for their souls. But Tyson is not buying it. Tyson smells blood and pursues an aggressive investigation into the mysterious Crowley, determined to expose him for the fraud that he is. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Alternative Outcome

What if you self-published a thriller, and people thought it was true? What if they started pestering you for details you left out – valuable details they think will make them rich? At first, downbeat journalist Mike Stanhope dismisses the idea. He’s too busy with a quest of his own – to find a girl he knew briefly as an adolescent – and in the course of this he finds himself drawn into a beguiling new relationship. But a break-in and a kidnap attempt get him thinking again. Mike strugg... [Read More...]