DELIVERIES: A Mystery Novel by Paul Smyth

If you’re a fan of the mystery genre, the 2021 mystery thriller by Paul Smyth is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. As a lifelong aviation enthusiast, Smyth’s in-depth knowledge of aircrafts helped him create a gripping but realistic tale about a pair of pilots, an ethically dubious decision, and a potentially deadly journey. This is a hidden gem of a story you won’t want to miss!


The story begins by introducing us to Paul Jackson, the co-owner of a tiny air charter company. Paul and his best friend, Dave McMurray, only operate a single plane, but their passion for bush flying outweighs the razor-thin profit margins. However, with a dwindling customer base, Paul and Dave become desperate for any business opportunities that come their way.

Jack Ward, the owner of a rustic lodge hidden in the mountains, is relieved that Paul agreed to deliver an essential package to him at the last minute. As the weather worsens, Paul starts to fear the future of his business, and soon begins to worry that he’ll lose control over other parts of his life. Meanwhile, Paul’s rugged determination to keep his plane in the air puts his morals to the test. As he fights through the dangerous weather, he contemplates the possible consequences of his choices. Will he ever see his family again, or will this be the final delivery?

About Paul Smyth

Paul Smyth’s father was a private pilot, so Smyth grew up learning all about aviation, and he eagerly flew with his father whenever he could. Later in life, Smyth spent over 3 decades working as a news and commercial videographer, which allowed him to take to the sky on countless occasions. He is also a big fan of flight simulators, spending thousands of hours virtually airborne. Although he has only recently discovered his talent for writing, Smyth’s passion for aviation and zest for life can be felt in every chapter of his debut novel, DELIVERIES.


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