Professional Student: A Mystery Novel

Professional Student

If you’ve ever wished you could be a student and learn while getting paid for it, you’ll identify with Elena Brooks, the main character in Professional Student, by Meagan Voulo. This is a gripping mystery about of a curious young woman who ends up learning much more than she should.

Professional Student

Elena Brooks is a studious, curious young woman who recently earned her master’s degree from a prestigious university. She applied for numerous jobs and positions after graduating, but one application in particular caught her eye. The job posting was for a “Professional Student,” which would require the candidate to be enrolled in school for several more years. This was Elena’s idea of a perfect dream job, and she hoped she’d be accepted for this unique program.

After a successful interview, Elena is fully submerged in her new role as a Professional Student. She soon realizes that there’s much more to the advanced learning program than high-level classes and challenging assignments. The Department of Learning is using the Professional Student program for some shady reasons, and Elena needs to decide if she’s willing to continue working for the organization or stand up for her own beliefs.

With assistance from a new friend and colleague, Elena puts her own safety in jeopardy in order to work on a secret project with the Professional Student program. Will she finally be able to use her knowledge for good, or will her fear keep her from using her voice?

About Meagan Voulo

Meagan Voulo earned her master’s degree in psychology from Stony Brook University, and wrote the whole way through her education for blogs and newspapers. Her undying fascination with the human mind partially inspired her to write Professional Student.


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