Free: Retribution

The violent drug-related murders of two prominent attorneys have the homicide division of the Chicago Police Department scrambling for answers, but without clues, a motive, or a suspect, not even the FBI can track down the killer. With the media demanding an arrest and at their wits’ end, the Chicago Police Department makes an urgent call to the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office in hopes of bringing in Kate Pierce, a psychic detective, on the case. A reluctant Kate agrees only when word come... [Read More...]

Free: Roanoke Island Murders: A Modern Retelling of the Maltese Falcon

Two unscrupulous antiquity dealers, Hugh Underdonk and Alfred Bacon, hope to get their hands on the Dare Diary, a long lost journal written by Eleanor Dare, one of the original members of Roanoke Island’s Lost Colony. Detective Weston Wolf is drawn into this web of deception and murder by a beautiful woman who claims to be a descendant of Eleanor. As the bodies pile up, Wolf must untangle this web to save his own neck. In the spirit of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, Joe C. Ellis h... [Read More...]

Free: Book of Secrets

The gripping first installment of the Vital Secrets Series. They survive a nightmare – but they don’t escape unscathed. A harrowing ordeal puts FBI profiler Nathan Thomas and girlfriend Bella Amsel face to face with pure evil. Little do they know – it’s only the beginning. The psychopath obsessed with Bella isn’t giving up that easily. Will Nathan sacrifice everything he stands for to keep Bella safe? ... [Read More...]

A Fox in the Fold

In this riveting sequel, three siblings find themselves being hunted by an unknown assailant who they must outwit in order to save their own lives and end a murderous rampage. 2019 Readers’ Favorite Finalist Award, Thriller – Espionage “Readers who enjoyed A Black and White Affair will want to read A Fox in the Fold.” -IndieReader “Highly entertaining!” -Daniel Oliver, author of The Long Road “A Fox in the Fold is a page-turner and a sheer delight for f... [Read More...]

Pawsibly Guilty: The Secret Library Cozy Mysteries

A secret book club. A celebrity murder. And a boss that hates books… When Laura Lee and her club stumble on the dead body of Mrs. Fitzwater’s nephew, (famous photographer to the stars, Andy) snooping takes on a whole new meaning. Especially when one of the house staff—and member of the book club—swears they saw the nephew later that night… very much alive. From whispers of espionage to the motive of a spurned lover, the book club collective isn’t sure which way is up. Even worse, ti... [Read More...]

Front Page News

Zoe Mitchell’s killer didn’t need to force entry to her flat, so did she let them in, or did they have a key? And who in the young model’s life might have wanted her dead? Her penchant for sabotaging relationships and careless disregard for her paramours means there is no shortage of people with reason to feel spurned or threatened by her, and, as DCI Lawrence Forrester and DS Rebecca Palmer soon discover, some of them are very close to home. See price on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: A Deadline Cozy Mystery (11 book series)

Fun-filled cozy mysteries. Eve Lloyd’s attempt to revamp her life turns her into a magnet for murder and mayhem and the idyllic small town of Rock-Maine Island into a stomping ground for killers. Even when Eve sets her heart on a swanky new stove she lands right in the thick of a murder investigation with the finger of suspicion pointed her way. Free to $3.99 on Kindle Learn More ... [Read More...]