Free: The Missing Princess and the Rebel: Love and Revenge

The Missing Princess and the Rebel: Love and Revenge

For ten years, Idris, the leader of the rebels, had a companion on his adventures. His name was Ali, and he kept a big secret. Nobody suspects that he is a woman, let alone the Missing Princess, in whose survival the people of the desert had lost hope and who Idris had sworn to find and return to the throne that was stolen from her.

But Aaliyah had no alternative but to transform herself into Ali in order to survive in a hostile and very masculine world so she could complete her life’s mission: to avenge the death of her family, murdered by her uncle.

Now the princess fears the moment when she will have to reveal her secrets to Idris, with whom she has fallen in love.

Will the rebel, who does not tolerate betrayal, forgive Aaliyah?
And be able to see a woman in her?
A woman who demands to be loved by him…Free on Kindle.

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