One Night With Finnbar

One Night With Finnbar

Martin Atwater has big plans and high ideals, but he is no judge of character – least of all, his own. He is bored, restless, and on the verge of making a mistake that will cost him everything.

Martin was born into a life of wealth and privilege. While on a visit to his uncle’s country estate, he discovers a strikingly handsome stable boy; a bondservant called Finnbar. Martin convinces his uncle to allow him to take Finnbar with him to be trained as his army orderly.
When Martin returns to London, he is stalked by his old nemesis, Edmond Mattox, who demands payback for a perceived debt of honor.

“You took something from me,” Mattox snarled. “And I want it back!”

To save himself, Martin does the unthinkable: He sacrifices Finnbar. In an agonizing twist of fate, Martin murders Mattox, then assumes his identity in order to rescue Finnbar from being hanged for the crime.

A gritty historical fiction set in 1767 England, One Night With Finnbar is a richly woven tale of treachery, blackmail, and murder, exposing the reader to both sides of 18th century London society in a way that can never be forgotten. This novel is intended for mature readers.
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