Pour House

Jameson has thought about Alexandra Prince every day of his life since the day she left him, without explanation, when they were in high school. For over fourteen years, Alex has compared every man she’s ever met to Jameson Butler. Years of being apart have shaped them into different people. Can they find a future together through their past? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Killer’s Bible (True Crime)

“Did I really do all of it? Yes, I did. All of it. But there’s no telling. Not straight up. I’d get thirty-to-life.” The real-life diary of ‘Calvin Loch’, a New York lawyer who takes the law into his own hands and murders a man with good reason. This true-crime memoir catalogues the events that push an attorney to the edge. From office politics to shady dealings, from being love-struck to killing ‘justly’, this first-hand account is a chilling exposé of how a white-coll... [Read More...]

Talk Dirty to Me

A woman in the business of love that’s never been in a real relationship. Check. That’s me. Nessa Night. Now I know what you’re thinking. That sounds like a stripper name. Hold up. Let me explain. It’s my radio talk-show name. My incognito way of helping the world love deeper and more often. Though my love life is like a ten-year-old fall leaf trapped between the pages of an old journal. #dramatic I’m short. Curvy. Average at best. And I’m a fraud. For all the advice I give on the a... [Read More...]

Free: The Long Ride: Learning About Life From An Outlaw Biker

Nate, a naive, eighteen year old misfit, sets off on a hitchhiking trip to escape bad parenting and the Vietnam draft. He yearns for the acceptance and safety of a tribe and finds them both in Cleveland’s branch of the Hells Angels. But, they come at a price. In this gritty and sensual tale, Francis Hicks offers a hard look into the darker side of self-discovery. ... [Read More...]

Free: Everything to Gain, An Asset, Inc. Novel

William Randall builds a company to accomplish what law enforcement agencies can’t or won’t. A pre-interview scenario is devised where they must display their skills and abilities, and then they are to answer one request from William, “Tell me the details of your last assignment.” An introduction is made to the first eight employees and their initial four jobs, amidst trying to discover who wants William dead. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: S is for…Short, Sweet, Simple Sports Coaching and Performance

S is for…Short, Sweet, Simple Sports Coaching and Performance: For Players, Parents, and Pedagogues It’s the shortest, sweetest, and simplest way for me to address all the important elements that go into sports coaching and performance, and because of that it allows us to spend more of our time focusing on what sport is really about… PLAYING and HAVING FUN! My ‘S is for…’ method, which I have developed in over 10 years of coaching, is something that anyone ca... [Read More...]

Free: The Sassy Way To Starting A Successful Blog When You Have NO CLUE! 7 Steps To WordPress Bliss…

The Smash Hit #1 Bestseller has helped thousands around the world start their first blog. 7 easy-to-follow steps to setting up a WordPress blog in just 1 hour with plenty of illustrations, screenshots, and video links. Part 1 of the Award Winning “Influencer Fast Track” series by Top 100 Business Author Gundi Gabrielle aka SassyZenGirl. ... [Read More...]